Church Center


Church Center is a service that we use for many different things at First Pres. Whether you are registering for an event, joining a group, checking in Sunday morning or even viewing our directory; Church Center is where you'll go.

We encourage everyone who is a part of the life of First Pres to download the Church Center App (you can use it in a web-browser on your computer too). Scroll down to see how you can use the app!

Church Center Features

You can use the app to register for many events such as GOAL Sports, camp, VBS, and (during COVID-19), Sunday services.
Through the app, you can pre-check your kids (and yourself) into classes and services. Check in on your way to church!
We have a variety of classes, Bible studies, and committees that you can participate in. The groups portion of the app allows communication, resource sharing, and calendar functionality.

...and more...

You can listen to sermons, check the calendar, and join our directory. New features are added regularly. We encourage you to download the app for Apple or Android or visit 

Please let us know if you have any questions!